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Troy's Hunt Club is owned and operated by Troy and Chino Zacchini. The property has been managed by our family for over fifteen years. We are experienced hunters, having hunted in many locations across the globe. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Troy, along with his father, decided to start Troy's Hunt Club.
TroyChino "We believe in giving each guest our personal attention as well as ensuring their satsifaction."

~Troy and Chino Zacchini

Your hunt is fully guided by courteous and knowledgeable guides. In most cases you will be guided by either Troy or Chino. We will not book more than your group or two individual hunters at one time. You never have to worry about getting lost in the crowd or getting stuck with a less than ideal stand location.
We are located about an hour southwest of Montgomery, Alabama in the small community of Forest Home. The hunting preserve stretches across the border of Butler and Wilcox counties. Both are known for having high quality bucks.
Transportation to and from the Montgomery airport is a complimentary service. If you prefer to drive, click here for directions.
Terrains, Stands and Shots to Expect:
You can expect to hunt a variety of terrain when you come to Troy's Hunt Club. You will find both large and small food plots. Other areas include hardwood bottoms with a large variety of fruit and oak trees that drop throughout the season. We have the choice of hunting out of comfortable box stands, sturdy lock-ons, and close encounter ground blinds. We work hard to get our customers close to the game for heart pounding excitement. Our bow hunters should expect shots from thirty yards or less at mature Pope and Young class whitetail's. One hundred and fifty yards or less is a typical shot for our rifle hunters. We also have a rifle and archery target range for your use.
Things to Bring:
  • Rifle 243 or larger or
  • Bow poundage: 50 or more or
  • Crossbow
  • Safety Harness
  • Camouflage apparel (appropriate for time of year)
  • Hunter orange cap or vest
  • Alabama hunting license