Each type of hunt consists of the same great services. You may drive in or be picked up from the Montgomery airport. You will stay in our newly built lodge and be served a great home cooked meal.
Bow or Crossbow Hunting
October 15- January 31

Bow hunting in southern Alabama can be fun and exciting. We have put together great locations to get you the best look at an awesome buck. Your guide will take you to the stand and ensure your comfort and safety. Your guide accompanies you throughout the hunt to help you judge the age and score of each animal. We have dozens of bow hunting locations for you and your guide to choose from. Each location gives you the opportunity at shots thirty yards or less.

Rifle Hunting
November 17- January 31

Whitetail deer hunting has never been more exciting than here at Troy's Hunt Club. Your hunt will begin early in the morning or after a great lunch provided by the club. Your guide will help you pick from many great locations. He will accompany you to the stand and throughout the hunt. You can expect shots one hundred and fifty yards or less. Together we will find the right trophy for you.

Alabama requires that a hunter orange cap or vest be worn during rifle season.