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Management Program
BigDeer Our focus is on growing trophy Southeastern Whitetail deer. Alabama is known for their large deer population and liberal bag limits. We want to take that population and improve it. We do that by incorporating a strict management plan.
We plant food plots twice a year. Each food plot ranges from 1 to 5 acres. During the winter we plant a blend of grasses and legumes. This combination ensures that our population will receive the proper nutrients and continue to visit the food plots throughout the hunting season. We plant lab lab, soybeans, and iron and clay peas for the summer. These high protein food plots help our bucks grow large antlers and guaranty our does have the proper nutrients during pregnancy and nursing. Field
TroyMgmt In addition to our food plots, we also have a supplemental feeding program. It begins after the hunting season and ends before bow hunters take the stand. We make sure our program follows the Alabama fish and game laws.
Every year we take a census of our bucks and does and decide which ones are receiving the maximum benefit from our program. We take management bucks off the property that are 4 years or older and have 8 or less points. Our trophy bucks aren't harvested until they are at least 5 years of age or older.